Learn To Sell

Four simple steps to sell:

  1. Register you self with some important details
  2. List your products
  3. Ship it via markeet.pk
  4. Get Paid

First user have to go the register and start registration on markeet.pk to become a member of our system. You have to put some important details including category in which you want to work. And your profile is ready for next step.

Start snipping some pictures of products and upload it with a simple form that should be filled as I contains details about the product.

You will start getting orders, we will confirm that order from buyers that will help you to confirm the attributes of the products. Wrap the product properly as you trained by our team and ship it via markeet.pk.

When your item is delivered you can track item as well and when the item would be delivered you will get notified by our one of the customer support agent for confirmation of the successfully sold of your product. You will be get your money on every Sunday of the week.