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There are four great reasons of selling on markeet.pk that are:

  • Free listings
  • Free membership account
  • Get paid and increase your business
  • Easy process of selling your products

Makreet.pk is not charging on making listings in your profile, this free for the users to create account, making listings, using markeet.pk delivery services all of these features are free of cost. We are following and providing easy way for buyers to pay on delivery so as we got payment of your product we will submit it into in your account on every Sunday of the week.

Improve your Selling

Markeet.pk team will help you out to make effective listing for your products that is the key to increase business. By creating effective listing of your products, taking great photos of your products and making deal for them is the key to get your customers fast. Learn from our blog how to attract buyers and make more revenue. Maintain great seller ratings by providing quality products on time and delivering product what is shown in the listings. Boost your sales with markeet.pk platform, get record of your inventory, and get more orders by reaching more markets.